Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service

     Main Control Room
     Fire Prevention
     Water Supplies Section
     Training Unit
     Work Shop Section
     Statistic Unit
        Operational - Fire Fighting

The operational section performs from ten Fire Stations located as follows:
Fire Stations
Phone Numbers
+(230) 261-0650/64/61
+(230) 264-1522, 264-5428
+(230) 212-2021/22
+(230) 233-8995/96
Quatre Bornes
+(230) 464-3068, 464-9933
+(230) 413-2527, 413-6947
+(230) 675-1414/15 , 674-0051
St Aubin
+(230) 626-4780
+(230) 631-9540, 631-1115
+(230) 483-1503/04/05/06
These stations are manned and equipped to respond to emergency calls 24 hours round the clock. Equipments are regularly maintained and tested for optimum use. These fire stations respond to an annual average of 5000 to 6000 emergency calls, and an average of 100 rescue operations in road traffic collision yearly

The operation section is supported in its actions by the following sections:
 Main Control Room
Head Office
Des Chartres Street
Port Louis
115 (Hotline)
On receipt of an emergency call the main control unit mobilises the nearest available resource.
For a rapid response, the informer shall give the following:-
(i)                 His / Her Name and Address
(ii)               Telephone number of caller – for gathering additional information in case necessary.
(iii)             Type of emergency – Fire Accident – Injured/Trapped-Special Service Request
(iv)             Nature of fire – if it is a building – any one trapped / injured if it is an industry / anybody trapped / injured
(v)              Any landmark for ease of reference to respond more rapidly on the emergency site.
Fire Services Customer Care Office
Head Office
Des Chartres Street
Port Louis
+(230) 211-3580
+(230) 211-5839
Fax No:
+(230) 211-3258
Fire Prevention Section
Baheemia Building
Des Chartres Street
Port Louis

+(230) 210-9617

+(230) 210 9012

+(230) 210 8885

+(230) 210 8947

+(230) 210 2495


+(230) 211-8623

Fire prevention- MS ISO 9001:2008 certified
The Fire Prevention Section promotes fire safety awareness through talks, lectures, demonstrations and broadcasts to the population. It also carries out fire safety inspections and provides the following services:
(i)     Issue of fire certificate and fire clearances;
(ii)     Issue and renew certificate of registration for storage and handling of Inflammable liquids   and substances.
(iii)    Issue and renew Transport permits for Inflammable gas.
(iv)   Approval of plans as per the Inflammable Liquids and substances regulations G.N179 of 1953 and the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 G.N 28 of 2005
Water Supplies Section
Role of the Section:-
  • To provide the preferred position of the fire services, on the identification of street hydrants installed for firefighting purposes throughout the State.
  • Ensure a high level of consistency that provides for efficient and effective location at any time.
     Fire services Act- RL 2/767-29 May 1954 Par. 12
Subsection (1)
  • The fire services shall provide and maintain such fire hydrants and other water  installations as are necessary for securing the best practical use of the available water supply in case of fire.
  • The situation of such fire hydrants shall be plainly indicated by a notice or distinguishing mark which may be placed on any wall or fence adjoining a street or public place.
Subsection (2)
  • Any person who uses a fire hydrant or other water installation as mentioned in Subsection (1) For any purpose not authorized by the fire services shall commit an offence and shall be liable  on conviction for fine and/or imprisonment for a term not exceeding (3) three months
Subsection (3)
  •  The fire services may use for the purpose of extinguishing fires any convenient or suitable supply of water.
Sitting and Fixing of Hydrants
  • When water mains are to be installed, plans of the project should be submitted to show the intended route and size of the mains.
  • It is the responsibility of the fire services to identify the fire risks prior recommending the number and position of fire hydrants to be installed
  •  Hydrant Marker Plates are yellow with black characters.
  •  Colour:   Black on a yellow background
  •   Twice yearly or better once every 6 month
  •   During heavy rainfalls
  •   Hydrants covered under tar, when upraised
  •   Clean and keep the pit empty
  •   Examine frames, covers and surface pavings
  •   Check indicator plates
Other sources of water for fire protection and extinguishment
  •    Fire hydrants are the not the only source of water for fire protection and      extinguishment.
  •  Ocean
  •  Lakes
  •  Ponds
  •  Rivers
  •  Swimming pools
  •  Irrigation ditches (using float pumps)
  •  Portable folding tanks
  •  Tenders (tanker trucks)
  •  Water tanks on fire engines
Training Unit
The objective of this unit is to develop, manage and supervise all functions and activities related to:-
1.       Training and development in the Fire Services.
2.       Fire safety training for non-fire service personnel.
3.       Fire safety education for the general public and specific community.
The Vision:-
To support our staff to develop their skills and abilities in order to achieve their potential and in doing so improve the effectiveness of the organization and the quality of service provided to the community.
Its mission:-
To provide and promote innovative and quality learning for the development of a sustainable human capital.