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Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government

Our Staff


 Operational staff

 We provide a round-the-clock service, and operate in a two shift, four-watch system at stations – ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘D’ where all   operational staff are full-time. The fire service has a single tier entry, in which all operational staff starts their careers as a firefighter following initial training.


 MFRS Control Room staff

Control Room staff takes emergency ‘115’ calls, find out details of incidents and mobilized our resources to emergencies. They also operate in a four-watch system.

 Fire Safety Division staff

Fire prevention officers carry out inspection of non-domestic buildings, impose fire safety measures and issue Fire Certificates as per regulatory fire safety.  They carry out day duties. Fire safety talks are also delivered to the population.
 MFRS Water section staff
The Water section works in collaboration with the Central Water Authority, issue fire hydrants for installation. They carry out inspection where repairs are needed. It supports operational staff by providing means of water supply.

MFRS Training Division Staff

The Training unit is responsible for the initial training of newly recruited firefighters; ensure that the latest technologies in relation to fire fighting are implemented at station level. They also has responsibility for the delivery of operational, management and skills training; health and career development, and learning support. The Training Unit maximize continuous improvement in efficiency and performance.

MFRS Workshop staff

Staff of this unit support operational section and involved for the repairs, maintenance of fire services vehicles and firefighting equipment.
          MFRS Statistic Unit
Staff of this Unit is to edit and compile statistical data on Emergency and non-emergency incidents and related issues such as the number of Fire Certificates issued and the number of Fire Certificates cleared, based on the requirements.

Other Office staff

It's not just firefighters who help make Mauritius a safer island. Office staff work behind the scenes to support our front-line services, including for example: Finance, Administrative, Procurement, Human Resource officers.

Rank structure

Our uniformed staff structure is based on roles rather than on rank.

Chief Fire Officer

The Chief Fire Officer shall, subject to the general direction and control of the supervising officer, be responsible for the overall functioning and administration of the Service.
Deputy Chief Fire Officers
Responsible for the day-to-day running of the Brigade's operational workforce and policy makers.

Assistant Chief Fire Officers

Assistant Chief Fire Officers are senior officers responsible for managing a range of services.

Divisional Officers

Divisional officer are responsible for management of a group of fire stations or day-to-day work in a specific policy area.

Senior Station Officers

Senior Station Officer is responsible for the running of day to day activities of a Fire Station. He acts as a coordinator between Station Officers posted in different watches. He ensures the implementation of organization operational policy.

Station Officers

In charge of the watch at Fire stations. Command day-to-day firefighting and other emergency as well as fire safety work.

Sub Officers

In charge of the watch at Fire stations or the crew of a fire appliance. They also assist to command day-to-day firefighting and other emergency as well as fire safety work.


Carries out day-to-day firefighting and other emergency and assist fire safety work.