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Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government




Why do I have to dial 115? If I call the fire station direct would it save time?

The firefighters might not be at the station when you call. Even if they are, the firefighters will still have to inform 1-1-5 so that other emergency responders are notified. On the other hand, the 1-1-5 emergency system is designed to save valuable seconds. When you dial 1-1-5, the system routes the call to the fire unit that is closest to your home.

Where can I get fire extinguishers refilled?
The Mauritius Fire & Rescue Service does not service or refill fire extinguishers. Look in the Telephone Diary under "fire equipment" to locate companies that do.
Who should I call in the event of a fire?
If there is a fire, dial 115.
I want to report a leaking or damaged fire hydrant.
Call the Mauritius Fire & Rescue Service Hydrant Section on 210 9617.
If it is an emergency, dial 115.
Contact Numbers:-
Mauritius Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters
Fire Station, Curepipe
Fire Station, Quatre Bornes
Fire Station, Mahebourg
Fire Station, St Aubin
Fire Station, Flacq
Fire Station, Piton
Fire Station, Port- Louis
Fire Station, Triolet
Fire Station, Coromandel
Fire Station, Tamarin
Fire Safety Division
Water Division

Fire Services Work-shop

Where do I submit plans for Fire Department review?
A minimum of 2 copies of plans need to be submitted to the, Fire Services Department, Fire Prevention Section 36, Deschartres Street Port-Louis. Fees are applicable.
How can I arrange to have my children or school group visit a fire station?
Tours of the fire stations are available to the public. You must make reservations in advance. Call 212-0214/15 for further information and reservations.
You will need to get out of the house. Ventilate thoroughly. Dial 115 for The Mauritius Fire & Rescue Service from outside the house or from a neighbor's house.  DO NOT USE any naked light, or devices that may produce sparks.
What should I do when I see or hear an emergency vehicle coming towards me
when I'm driving?
When it is safe to do so, you should pull over to the left and stop until all emergency vehicles have safely passed. If you cannot safely give way to the left, simply stop and stay stopped so the vehicles can go around you safely.

Email questions to:

Where is the closest fire station to my house?
You can check the addresses and maps here or call 115.

How can I apply for a Fire Clearance/Certificate of a commercial building?
Contact Customer Care Service on 210-9617 or or
How can I get a representative from the fire department to speak at my child's school?

Call our Fire Safety Division on 210-9617.
What can I do to prevent fire in my home?
Here are some good tips:
  • Limit the use of electrical extensions cords, loss connection.
  • Keep cloths and rags away from lamps, heaters and stoves
  • Never leave your stove unattended.
  • Never leave young children alone especially with open flames or naked flame or matches in the house.
  • Never throw cigarettes in the garbage, even if you think they are outand avoid smoking inside your home.
  • Closed all open wire connections, especially at the fuse box


Does the Fire Safety Division conduct fire extinguisher training? If NOT can you refer me to someone who does?

The Fire Safety Division does not conduct fire extinguisher training. Those who service/supply your extinguishers should be able to provide you with basic training and answers to questions about their equipment.

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