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Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government


Navrati 2017

Date:September 22, 2017



Date:October 22, 2014|Domain:Economy--Family

​  MAURITIUS FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE FIRE SAFETY DIVISION   DIVALI 2014   PREKOSION   1.  Verifie bien instalasion gaz, racor et regulater avan comance cuit et ferm regilater kan fini kwi. 2.  En ka brilir toutsuit vers delo frais lor bril

Safety Precautions for Divali

Date:October 22, 2014|Domain:Family

​ 1.   Make sure  the Diya or candle rests securely on a surface which will not melt or burn.   2.   Keep candles  a safe distance from curtains, furniture and decorations.   3.   Clothing (especially saris, chunis/chunris and dupattas) can be v

Inauguration ceremony of Tamarin Fire Station on the 31st of October 2013

Date:November 19, 2013|Domain:Economy

The inauguration of Tamarin Fire Station by Dr The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, GCSK, FRCP Prime Minister and the Honourable Louis Hervé Aimée, Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands in the presence of Higher Officers of Mauritius Fire

News in the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service

News in the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service
Date:October 31, 2013|Domain:Economy

​ New Turntable Ladder in the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service A crew of firefighters attached to Coromandel fire station working on a day shift system to operate our new Turntable Ladder after being fully trained. This appliance is being used fo

Rescue of a man at Beau Bassin

Date:October 31, 2013|Domain:Economy

On Monday 30th of September 2013, Fire crews of Coromandel Fire Station was at Beau Bassin to rescue a male casualty who was electrocuted while carrying out a painting works on the roof of a two storey residential concrete building. He was conscious

Dumping ground fire at Mare Chicose and La Chaumiere

Date:October 31, 2013|Domain:Economy

Two dumping ground fire occurred this week on the 21st and 27thof October 2013 at Mare Chicose and La Chaumiere. The fire was of large area and causes lot of smoke in the vicinity. Mahebourg, Curepipe, Q.Bornes, Coromandel and Port Louis Fire Statio

Passing Out Parade - 2013

Passing Out Parade - 2013
Date:October 30, 2013|Domain:Economy

Passing Out Ceremony for Recruit Fire Fighters of Batch - 1/2013  On the 3rd April 2013 Thrity-seven (37) temporary Fire Firefighters joined the Mauritius Fire And Rescue Service and they have undergone induction training for 25 weeks ​  

Passing Out Ceremony

Passing Out Ceremony
Date:October 30, 2013|Domain:Economy

On the 21st September 2013, the passing out ceremony​ effected under the presence of The Hon.Louis  Hervé Aimée, Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands, all members of the Mauritius Fire and Rescue service.

Forty Firefighters

Date:December 06, 2012|Domain:Economy

Eighty-two Firefighters ( Male & Female) joined the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service in January 2012