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Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government

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To have a Republic of Mauritius free from the dangers of fire and other emergency threats.​

To protect and save lives and property for a safer and secure Republic of Mauritius
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Mauritius Fire And Rescue Service​​  
September 22, 2017

Navrati 2017


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October 22, 2014


​  MAURITIUS FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE FIRE SAFETY DIVISION   DIVALI 2014   PREKOSION   1.  Verifie bien instalasion gaz, racor et regulater avan comance cuit et ferm regilater kan fini kwi. 2.  En ka brilir toutsuit vers delo frais lor brilir la pandan 10 minits et alle lopital pou ene soin medical. 3.  Instalasion electric bizin fer par ene personn kompetan. 4.  Atas zot linz bien pou ki li pa rente an kontak avec laflam.Servi enn port-bouzi ou bien pose la lamp la lor enn surface ki kapav resiste laflam. 5.  Pa kit la caz tou seul kan pe ale fair promenade. Avan ou al dormi asirer ki tou lalanp ou labouzi fine teingne. 6.  Lir bien bann instriksion lor bane bwat avan servi.     PA BLIE, POMPIE A ZOT DISPOSISION 24 LOR ...

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October 22, 2014

Safety Precautions for Divali

​ 1.   Make sure  the Diya or candle rests securely on a surface which will not melt or burn.   2.   Keep candles  a safe distance from curtains, furniture and decorations.   3.   Clothing (especially saris, chunis/chunris and dupattas) can be very flammable. Keep your clothing away from flames and also be careful if you have long hair.   4.   Treat fireworks with great caution and always read the instructions.   5.   Never leave cooking unattended. Fires often start when your attention stops.

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November 19, 2013

Inauguration ceremony of Tamarin Fire Station on t ...

The inauguration of Tamarin Fire Station by Dr The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, GCSK, FRCP Prime Minister and the Honourable Louis Hervé Aimée, Minister of Local Government and Outer Islands in the presence of Higher Officers of Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service and other guests.

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News in the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service
October 31, 2013

News in the Mauritius Fire an ...

​ New Turntable Ladder in the Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service A crew of firefighters attached to Coromandel fire station working on a day shift system to operate our new Turntable Ladder after being fully trained. This appliance is being used for rescue purposes where accessibility is difficult and for high rise building. It can be extent up to 30mts and equipped with a rescue cage which is m...

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Start Time:Jul 22, 2015|Category: Public

Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Campaign 2015

Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Campaign 2015 ...

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Start Time:Jun 04, 2015

Workshop on Cane Fire Management

​In view of the forthcoming harvest season 2015,The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service in collaboration with the extension and training unit of the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority is planning to hold one day workshop which is as follows: Venue:   St Felix, Camp Charlot Farmers Service Centre Date:      June 4, 2015 Time:     09.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs Targeted Audience:  Cane growers, cane contractors and cane cutters ...

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Start Time:Jun 01, 2015

Training on Hazardous Materials for MFRS Officers

​ 50 officers have been nominated to follow a 2-day training on Hazardous Materials at the MFRS Training Division, Coromandel as scheduled:Batch 1 Monday 1/6 to Tuesday 2/6/15 Batch 2 Thursday 4/6 to Friday 5/6/15 Batch 3 Monday 8/6 to Tuesday 9/6/15 Batch 4 Wednesday 10/6 to Thursday 11/6/15   The training will be dispensed by: Red One Limited, trading Company of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority, UK Trainers: 1.    Mr. Jonatthan Trevor Sean CHALK 2.    Mr. Benjamin Christopher WILLIAMS ...

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Start Time:Feb 19, 2013


​No Event available ...

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