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Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government


       Our performance



What we do? 

Our main services
Community Safety

Emergency Response

Emergency planning
Regulatory enforcement
Community safety
We work to help people stay safe from fire and other emergencies, at home, at work and in other buildings. We advise the community on home safety to reduce the risk of fatalities. We work to educate people about what they can do to protect themselves from fire. We do this by:  
Working with other organizations that work with people we know are most at risk from fires and help us to reach and protect them.
Informing people at a young age about the dangers of fire, how they can protect themselves and the consequences of making hoax calls.
Advising on fire safety in the workplace all employers are responsible for making sure that their staffs know what to do to prevent a fire in the workplace and how to escape if a fire does break out.
Carry out inspections of buildings - to improve the safety of the buildings we carry out inspections to make sure they meet fire regulations, and we take enforcement action when necessary.
As a public service our performance and the way that we use our resources are very important.
Performance indicators and service measures
  • Emergencies for which emergency call handling, dispatching and turn out time does not exceed three (03) minutes.
  • Initial deployment of firefighting vehicles to building/structural fires is within twelve (12) minutes.
  • Number of talks, lectures delivered and fire drills assisted.
  • Number of fire safety inspection carried out.



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